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Affiliated To CBSE Board-2131553
Our Mission
The school is determined not only to provide high quality education to the students but also inculcate Indian cultural values to them and through the celebration of various activities, competitions & cultural programs on special occasions, we try to remove children’s hesitation and connect them with Indian heritage.

Founder & Chairman Message
S.T.P.S. is a visionary in the field of education . His personal success is emblematic. As a self - made man, he started his career. at the tender age of 17 years as a book dealer. In span of 30 years his concentrated efforts and determination to do extra-ordinary in life has made him scale new heights, but success in business was not enough for him. His heart yearned for a higher dream and school is a culmination of that dream. He did not stop at just creating a school of his dream but always kept a full involvement for its improvement. His vision, hard work and dedication with his experience led him to explore, design and develop a unique feature named "An English Medium School with Indian Culture"

The Principal Desk...
The school aims at imparting value education to children and providing opportunities to each child to progress according to his / her ability, aptitude and interest. It also aims to provide quality education through variety of curricular and co-curricular activities because it believes that each child has capacity and aptitude to express his innate. talents and abilities. Our aim is not just to create another face in the crowd but to nurture each student as a unique personality. Love tole-rance, brotherhood, humanity, sensitivity to the environment and nationalism are the hallmarks of our students. We not only train them to find challenging careers but also to face the complexities of life. Our Factulty member emphasises on the over all personality development of the children.